DJ Margeir – Training for the gluteal muscle

Normally Margeir Ingólfsson has a quite short way to his place of work. Most of venues are in the near of his home, like the Harpa, where he will play his gig in a few days at the Sónar Reykjavik. The capital of Iceland is rather small, but has a tremendous music and club scene. More and more people from the continental Europe are visiting the island in the north. Margeir was one of the pioneers of electronic music in his country, at the age 16 he had his first job as a DJ. Today he’s not only djing, he’s also...

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Flashback to the 90s – Dusty Kid

Flashback to the 90s – Dusty Kid Your favorite decade: I discovered electronic music and realized what I wanted to become once „adult“: a musician composer and producer! Certainly Michael Cretu had a big influence in this, when I discovered his records as Enigma, I immediately became a huge fan of his way to produce music and started imitating what he was doing with my poor machines! Only years later I discover that most of his tracks were just made by samples and I lost the fanaticism : the „dead“ of a legend for me … Your favorite song:...

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Flashback to the 80s – Trentemøller

Anders Trentemøller My favorite decade: The 80s, because I love the music from that decade, the Post-Punk Sound! The Cure, Joy Division, The Smiths, Siouxie and the Banshees … all those great UK bands ! Your favorite song: ‚All cats are grey‘ and ‚A forest‘ by The Cure The worst song: ‚Life is life‘ by Opus Your favorite instrument/software/tool: No software back then, but I loved my Commodore 64 Your favorite outfit: Oh shit, I’m afraid it was a white Don Johnson-like jacket with big shoulders … Your worst fashion sin: That jacket! Your favorite movie: ‚Hannah and her...

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A.Paul – Techno ambassador from Lisbon with soul

Paulo Pereira alias A.Paul can look back on a long career. Born in 1971, he started at the age of 13 his first turntable action. In the 90ies he become one of the most respected dj’s in his country. In 1995 he released his first track an a split single together with fellow countryman J Daniel. A first remarkable sign and the start of his international career. It’s was not your first time at Syndicate Festival, how often did you play there? And what do you think about the festival, the vibe, the audience? It was actually my third...

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The debut album ‘Autophobia‘ of Louie Fresco: stream & short interview

Mexican DJ and producer Louie Fresco will release his debut album Autophobia at July 7th on No. 19 music. You can stream the album now and to his move last month from his hometown of Mexicali to Barcelona, ​​we have asked him a few questions. The relocation was necessary, because  My album was about to drop and the people I work with suggested I relocated so I could promote it on this side of the globe where I still don’t have the amount of exposure I have back in America. The reason why I’ve chosen Barcelona  I have many good...

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