Falsches Silverster-Line-up: Chalet Club meldet sich zu Wort

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Nachdem sich gestern Roosevelt darüber beschwert hat, dass er im Line-up der Silvesterparty des Chalet Clubs in Berlin auftaucht, obwohl er dort nicht spielt – wir berichteten HIER darüber – , meldet sich nun der Club mit einer Erklärung:

I wish to apologize again; we’re very sorry if you got the wrong impression.

After our talk, we have deleted you from the lineup.

But we’re shocked and disappointed about your post.

This isn’t what we understood to have happened, and we want to clear it up with you and your agent. Please, let’s review:

1. Again, we are sorry to have prematurely added your name to the lineup. Our PR assistant made a mistake; this person got overexcited as a fan of yours, and there was a miscommunication.
2. We regret this error and immediately deleted you from all listings and social platforms, as we provided in screenshots. No tickets were sold with the incorrect lineup.
3. We hadn’t requested you, as we’ve repeated, your booking agent contacted us and told us that you were interested to play at Chalet. We had no indication that you were uninterested based on the conversation with your agent.
4. Our last communication was with your booking agent regarding the hotel, which we had booked and confirmed with your agent.

We didn’t in any way intend to misrepresent the lineup we offer; the lineup should not have included your name when it did, but we were in active booking negotiations.

We are a very small club, and we did all we could to provide an appropriate DJ fee based on our resources. We don’t understand what was meant by overpriced; we charge 12-14 Euros for NYE – less than other big clubs in Berlin.

Please stop the hateful messages with this post. We don’t have any intention to make artists we work with unhappy. We’re human beings and we made a mistake, which we want to resolve. We understand you are upset, but we hope we can return to some level of civility.
We wish you the best. If you have unresolved concerns, please contact us.

Wirklich alle Fragen wurden damit nicht beantwortet, bzw., es gibt scheinbar noch Ungereimtheiten. Gepostet wurde der Kommentar hier:

Mittlerweile wurde das Statement vom Chalet Club gelöscht.

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