Glasgow based DJ legend Jackmaster is nominated for this year’s DJ Awards. He is one of the few who made it to the top without any self produced release and is also well known for his yearly Mastermix. Now, he also revealed that he is taking his Mastermix on stage with an event series which will be held in London, Amsterdam, Dublin, Lisbon and of course his hometown. Besides him having a busy schedule, we had the chance to catch in order to ask him a few questions to find out more about him and his year so far.

Can you tell us your best/nicest/most curious moments you had at this year’s Ibiza season?

I must say the highlight of my season so far was going b2b with Jasper James at DC10 a couple of weeks ago. When we first started going to Ibiza together we used to talk about one day playing the club together. It’s a place that we formed a really close friendship and it’s been hugely influential to both of us as DJs. For it to finally happen this year was really special.

Do you remember your first gig on the island? Did you had an idea about what you expect? 

Yeah I think my first ever gig in Ibiza was at the sadly closed Space, on the Sunset Terrace. If my memory serves me right I was playing to my 3 mates from Glasgow and the cleaners who were mopping up vomit on the floor. 

You’ve delivered the latest edition of DJ-Kicks. With a few month of distance, are you completely happy with your mix and with the feedback?

I don’t think I’m ever entirely happy with a mix, because I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to DJing. The feedback from the press has been great, but what i’m most interested is what I hear from the fans.

You are one of the co-founders of the label Numbers. What can we expect in the next time?

You can expect the unexpected, as usual with Numbers. One really special 12” we have coming up is by Dukwa from Italy. One of my new favourite producers!

Strictly a DJ. Could you explain why you focused on this part of the game? And do you think you would ever release your own track?

I’m just a DJ because it’s always what I’ve loved doing most out of any musical “trade”. I played the cello from the age of around 8 to 14. I went to music school and learnt how to make my own music, but DJing is the one that stuck, my real passion.

You still live in Glasgow. Did you ever think about going to London, Berlin or to any other metropolis?

Glasgow is everything to me. I would only move for the love of the right woman. And she hasn’t turned up yet.

Celtic or Rangers?