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Jan Kincl Zero (Cycle) – DJ-Charts August 2015

01 The Shakeup Connection/Scott Ferguson – Vakum 003 (Vakum)
02 Mr G – Shelter (Phoenix G)
03 DJ Rush – Your Ego (And U Did It) (Pro Jex)
04 Mike Huckaby – Jazz Delirium (Cross Section Records)
05 Jeff Mills – Calypso High (Purpose Maker)
06 CL Dawkins and Lavell Williams – Affirmation Of Love / Amp Fiddler Amplified Remix (Pomalo)
07 The Rotating Assembly – Take Me (Sound Signature)
08 Sun Ra – UFO / JK Extended Version (Unreleased)
09 Trevor Deep Jr. feat. TDJ Jazz Outfit – Roba Rouge (HPTY)
10 Brother Jack McDuff – Oblighetto (Blue Note)

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Fotocredit: United Electronic Sound