Steve Aoki muss ins Krankenhaus. Der amerikanische EDM-Star wird sich einer längst überfälligen OP an den Stimmbändern unterziehen. Auf Facebook hat er vor wenigen Stunden folgendes Statement abgelegt:

„I’m deeply saddened to share some terrible news with you guys. For the past 20 years, all the screaming at my shows have severely messed up my vocal chords. As a result, I have to get surgery or else I cannot even speak anymore. I’ve prolonged this surgery for quite some time and the doc said its now or never. Because of this, I unfortunately have to cancel some of the shows listed below in Europe. I apologize to everyone who has been waiting to see me perform. I will make it up to all of you very soon! I promise. Thanks for understanding. Love you all!“

Folgende Shows fallen aus:
25.05. Aoki’s Playhouse, Ibiza, Spain
30.05. Emporium Festival, Wijchen, Niederlande
31.05. We Are Fstvl – Upminster, Großbritannien
31.05. Northern Lights, Newscastle, Großbritannien
01.06. Aoki’s Playhouse, Ibiza, Spain

Wir wünschen gute Besserung!

Steve Aoki | Facebook

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Steve Aoki legt nach: Neon Future II

Foto: Robin Laananen/Wikipedia