The debut album ‘Autophobia‘ of Louie Fresco: stream & short interview

Louie Fresco
Mexican DJ and producer Louie Fresco will release his debut album Autophobia at July 7th on No. 19 music. You can stream the album now and to his move last month from his hometown of Mexicali to Barcelona, ​​we have asked him a few questions.

The relocation was necessary, because 
My album was about to drop and the people I work with suggested I relocated so I could promote it on this side of the globe where I still don’t have the amount of exposure I have back in America.

The reason why I’ve chosen Barcelona 
I have many good friends here and everytime I’ve played here it has been truly memorable, plus most of the No.19 crew are either living here or planning to move out here too.

Barcelona is cool, but there is one thing I really don’t like 
The unpredictable weather and the tapas. I’m not a big fan of the Spanish cuisine.

The best club in Barcelona 
KER, they have an in-house doctor and that’s always cool.

The reason why I will miss Mexicali
My friends who I’ve hang out with many times a week, but also the food and my dogs.

The reason why i will not miss Mexicali
The weather. It’s ridiculously hot.

The electronic music scene in Mexicali 
It was really good for a few years but now it’s a little slow but we still have fun and we try to do our best to keep it fresh.

When I will leave Barcelona
In a few years, I will move on. Next stop: Probably Berlin or L.A.

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