Flashback to the 90s – Dusty Kid

Flashback to the 90s – Dusty Kid

Your favorite decade:
I discovered electronic music and realized what I wanted to become once „adult“: a musician composer and producer! Certainly Michael Cretu had a big influence in this, when I discovered his records as Enigma, I immediately became a huge fan of his way to produce music and started imitating what he was doing with my poor machines! Only years later I discover that most of his tracks were just made by samples and I lost the fanaticism : the „dead“ of a legend for me …

Your favorite song:
Enigma – The Eyes Of Truth

The worst song:
A remix of „What Goes Around Comes Around“ from Bob Marley, 1996

Your favorite instrument:
Roland Jp 8000

Your favorite outfit:
Green Barbour Jacket

Your worst fashion sin:
Hogan’s shoes

Your favorite movie:
Kieslowski’s „Three Colors: Blue“

Your favorite TV series:

Your personal hero:
As I said, Michael Cretu for sure

Your worst youthful mistake:
Datura, U.S.U.R.A. and all those cheesy euro trance songs!



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