Guy Gerber wird der Vergewaltigung beschuldigt

Guy Gerber wird der Vergewaltigung beschuldigt

Achtung, dies ist sensibler Inhalt. Wir haben Guy Gerber um eine Stellungnahme gebeten, aber bislang noch nichts von ihm gehört. Wir sind uns der Schwierigkeit der nun kolportierten Darstellung bewusst. Das geschilderte Prozedere ist jedoch nicht ungewöhnlich für den Gebrauch von GHB.

Die nun folgende Schilderung von Mavi de Mars wurde am 18. Juni von ihr geteilt.

„The incident I will talk about took place in the morning of 21st of July, 2013 in Mykonos, Greece and at the time I was 28 years old.
Having received an invitation by a girlfriend of mine from Athens, Greece, I decided to join her and couple of other friends for a boat trip to Mykonos.
I had met Guy Gerber about a year and a half prior to this through a mutual friend while he was in London to play a gig. Since we first met we had briefly hung out in other social environments couple more times. On the way to Mykonos I heard he was there but didn’t think much of it as my plan was to stay with my Greek friends.
As we arrived to a party some of my London friends were there and Guy was with them. The night was quite a disaster so I remember all the details very vividly but to keep it short we didn’t stay long.
We decided to leave with some of the London crew and Guy back to a girlfriend’s villa where he was also staying. Guy and another DJ friend played for us there.
I remember clearly Guy spending a lot of time talking to other mutual friends about the hard time he was having in Ibiza as that was the summer he was doing his first event on the island Wisdom of the Glove at Pacha.
As the last guests left and I was going to leave too I realised that my phone battery had died but the owner of the house and her fiancé were in the far end of the pool so I thought I would stay a little longer until they came out.
He was just finishing playing so I came to sit next to him and that’s when he offered me, what he said was a line of a stimulant drug and a shot of alcohol. Seeing as I was sober and tired I thought it might not be such a bad idea. I never had any romantic interest in him nor any attraction and all of our exchanges until that point had never indicated anything of this nature so I felt safe to hang as a friend.
So when about 10-15 mins later I saw him leaning in to kiss me I felt totally shocked and immediately wanted to push him away but unfortunately I could no longer move my arms even if my head was screaming. Next and last thing I remember is him putting his arm around me and walking me to his bedroom as my consciousness dimmed down to complete darkness like a dimmer switch.
I regained my awareness about 4/5 hours later, waking up in total confusion next to him naked in the bed with zero recollection of anything that happened but sharp pain between my legs. Bruising that remained for almost 3 days and which I vividly still very much remember 9 years later. I managed to get myself together and go ask for the phone charger so I can charge my phone and make my way back to the boat where I was staying. Fleeing as quickly as possible.
When I got to my friends I immediately started having an emotional breakdown as I felt really confused and disorientated. At the time I had no idea what Rohypnol was or how it works so I had to reference to make sense of how I went from being sober and consuming a stimulant to sleeping with someone I didn’t desire and have no memory of it.
My boyfriend at the time then called me and said he was having horrible nightmares about me and asking if anything bad happened. I told him what happened and that I had no idea how it happened… and soon enough disassociation and repression kicked in as defence and like many women who have had these experiences I decided to pretend like it didn’t happen and continue life as usual.
So much so that even when I saw Guy again I acted like nothing had happened.
Very soon however I began depressed, self-destructive and my relationship became very toxic.
Within 6 months I knew I needed to get out of London and try to understand what was going on with me and luckily at that very time I received an offer to work for a project outside of the UK, which gave me the quiet I needed to begin the process of healing.
Couple of months into my time there, I happen to stumble on an article about date rape and an account of a girl who was given Rohypnol…that’s when I first realised and began to accept what happened to me as word for word I had the same experience as she did and finally the confusion was gone.
Since I accepted what happened to me I began to talk about it with friends and acquaintances but never felt the courage to go public as I am doing now.
Couple of those friends also knew Guy and confronted him about it, to which he responded by exclaiming ‘Rumors!’ And painting me in a bad light with false stories.
Wanting to redeem myself for not speaking out and preventing this happening to other women I began to feel inspired to create an event and a movement to make this island safer for women and to take a stand against abuse.
My intention going ahead with this is to stop more women from being raped like I was and helping Ibiza become a leader in taking a stand against this toxic culture.
For the health of our future generations and for the music.“

If you have any information or would like to support the movement:
#metoo #OurTimeIsNow #thisrumoristrue #zerotolerance #forthemusic


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