Aufatmen bei Kerri Chandler: die Diebe waren betrunken

Aufatmen bei Kerri Chandler

So, der Social-Media-Druck hat es mal wieder gerichtet. Danke Facebook, danke Internet. Wer jetzt immer noch sagt, Facebook werde sich nicht durchsetzen – vergesst es!
Kerri Chandler hat seine Habseligkeiten zurück bekommen. Wir hatten hier über den dreisten Diebstahl berichtet. Das hat er gerade auf seiner Facebook-Seite verkündet. Hier der O-Ton.

>>Many thanks for all the concern shown on my recent post.
I can now let you know that my bag was just returned to my hotel by a friend of the thieves. Their reasoning for taking the bag was that they were “drunk” ?!?!

This is a real relief, however, it does look as though they went through the full contents of my bag and everything was all over the place including my memory sticks. I have no way of knowing if they have copied any material from my hard drives and also missing are some personal items including a special memento from my daughter, which is pretty sad.

True to my word, as the bag was returned in time, I will not be going to the Police. Words cannot describe my disappointment in these people, but I am completely overwhelmed by the support that everyone has shown and also the assistance from the team at Phonox. I’m certain that it is this support that led to my bag being returned so THANK YOU!
With Love, Respect and Admiration

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