Nastia ist unzufrieden mit dem DC-10

Nastia ist unzufrieden mit dem DC-10

Dass auch auf Ibiza nicht alles Glänzende Gold ist, haben schon viele Gäste der Partyinsel Nummer Eins erleben müssen. Dass sich nun auch DJs über ihren Aufenthalt auf Ibiza beziehungsweise über ihre Gigs beschweren, ist relativ neu. Natürlich gab es diese Maceo Plex-Geschichte, von der wir berichtet haben, aber ansonsten: Friede, Freude, Feierkuchen. Nun hat die ukrainische DJane Nastia, seit drei Jahren regelmäßiger Gast im ibizenkischen Kult-Club DC-10, Dampf abgelassen. Die Dame, die von sich selbst behauptet, mit ganzem Herzen DJane zu sein, hat sich über ihren Status im DC-10 beschwert, aber lest selbst. Nastia ist unzufrieden mit dem DC-10.

I must honestly say I was super unlucky this 2016 season on Ibiza.
First of all I supposed to play 5 dates on Circoloco at DC-10 and in the end I played 3. Second – all the dates were those kind of dates „in between“ – this is really the question of luck. then when I was playing at Circoloco there was a big competition line-up at Cocoon, and when I was playing at Cocoon – there was a big compitition line up at Circoloco 😀
It was a third year I played for Circoloco and they never give me a chance to play another room, only Main. I actually don’t why – after few times asking no one explained anyway.. The reason „Nastia is a techno DJ“ is not real, because I am that kind of DJ’s who can be fit everywhere anytime; the other reason I have no clue. In the end all these things don’t make me feel enthusiastic and I think because of that I didn’t make a crazy effort to do better. I know many people are dreaming to play there, but everything what can grow is an exchange – maybe I have missed something..?
This set was recorded on my second gig, second time I was closing the Main room watching people leaving to Amnesia as it is usually happening – clubbers go to catch a bit of Cocoon after DC-10. I don’t think it’s very good set, I think it’s okay and nothing special. But I also understand why it’s okay and not amazing – it’s all about my feelings and inspiration, motivation.
I don’t complain, I just share my fails – if something goes wrong I always count on myself, means I don’t do enough, I am not good enough, I don’t understand something.. It matters, but I feel deeply sad about this season on Ibiza and to be honest – generally I don’t feel excited to come back..

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