Reaktionen auf das endgültige Ende der Fabric

Sadiq Khan

Mit Bestürzung reagierten viele DJs und Partygänger auf das endgültige Aus der Fabric. Auch Londons Bürgermeister Sadiq Khan, ein Fan des dortigen Nachtlebens gab ein Statement dazu ab:

„Londons Kultclubs sind ein notwendiger Bestandteil unserer kulturellen Landschaft. Clubbing muss sicher sein, aber ich bin enttäuscht, dass die Fabric, das Islington Council und die Polizei nicht imstande dazu waren, das Anliegen der öffentlichen Sicherheit zu klären.

Als ein Ergebnis dieser Entscheidung werden tausende Menschen, die es genossen haben, die Fabric als einen wichtigen Teil des Nachtlebens von London zu besuchen, den kürzeren ziehen.

Die Probleme der Fabric zeigen ein größeres Problem auf. Wie schützen wir Londons Nightlife-Wirtschaft und garantiert gleichzeitig, dass es sicher und amüsant für jeden ist?

In den letzten acht Jahren hat London 50 Prozent der Nachtclubs und 40 Prozent der Live-Musik-Venues verloren. Dieser Rückgang muss gestoppt werden, wenn London den Status als eine 24-Stunden-Stadt mit einem Weltklasse-Nachtleben beibehalten soll.

Ich bin gerade in der Entscheidungsfindung, einen Nightlife-Beauftragten zu ernennen, der die wichtigsten Zielgruppen – Clubbetreiber, die örtliche Behörde, die Polizei und Bürger – zusammen bringen soll.

Keine einzelne Organisation oder öffentliche Verwaltung können dieses Problem alleine lösen, wir müssen alle zusammen arbeiten, um sicher zu stellen, dass London als eine 24-Stunden-Stadt Erfolg hat – auf eine Art und Weise, die für alle sicher und unterhaltsam ist.“

Und auch die Fabric meldete sich nochmal zu Wort:

„Fabric ist sehr enttäuscht über die Entscheidung des Islington Councils, uns die Lizenz zu entziehen. Das ist ein unfassbar trauriger Tag für alle, die uns unterstützt haben, vor allem für unsere 250 Mitarbeiter, die nun ihren Job verlieren. Die Fabrik zu schließen ist nicht die Lösung für die Drogenprobleme, an denen Clubs wie wir arbeiten, um sie zu verhindern. Das ist ein beunruhigender Präzedenzfall für die Zukunft von Londons Nightlife-Wirtschaft.“

Via Twitter drückten viele DJs und Produzenten ihre Missbilligung der Entscheidung aus:

DJ Sneak

DJ Sneak sieht es allerdings folgendermaßen:

In my almost 30 year DJ Career I have performed or taken part of many great nightclubs and nights that were closed or shut down by many reasons. I can name at least 10 that are worth speaking about!

1.THE END ~ LONDON~ (my favorite)
6 THE ARCHES GLASGOW (top venue)
10 SPACE IBIZA (Soon to close)

These places were more pivotal than l the club everyone is raving about. These clubs and nights helped shape and mold DANCE MUSIC in the UK and many European Countries ~ it makes no sense to make a big deal about a London club closing when it has happened many times over before to then reopen ~ These past clubs dedicated all their efforts to the public and culture to educate, open minds, inspire plus mostly entertain the club goers every week in and out. Many of these venues or nights are now history and now we are facing the worst part of what’s left over in night life. A sad but true contributor of this was simply bad management plus drug related deaths. I don’t feel any remorse towards places that are still open cause they have negotiated deals or greased the right hands until the next politician or police chiefs come along to negotiate a new deal so they can all look like they are doing their part in drug prevention & abuse etc. but no one cares about selling you alcohol till you’re belligerent , many of these places will escort you out (nice term) for smoking a cigarette these days but they will force feed you all the alcohol they can serve you in a period of time to then be kicked out like trash in back alleys when you’re pissed drunk.

Most nightclubs do not want these things in their place of business but their business is to make you spend mass amounts of money at their Bars then treat you like trash when you get sloppy. It’s a complete disrespect of the public that often get mistreated by abusive bouncers looking to kill someone, which in some venues it has happened. Why are people so blind sided? corrupted by hate propaganda when instead you’ll should be demanding better treatment, specially if you become a loyal customer to their clubs, pubs , festivals etc. it is imperative that people open their eyes and stop being so judgmental about how things look or get fired up on social media. I do not agree nor want to participate in any propaganda of all sorts, I don’t go along with the masses, I like to question all sides and sometimes create an argument to open people’s eyes. Obviously I often look as the „Villain“ cause I speak out and like to check people. DJs are used to bring people to venues to play music but often it all falls in deaf ears cause they are really there for drug consumption not the music or vibe everybody speaks about. When was the last time you went out and had the time of your life listening to your favorite DJ and music? I can bet it’s being a long time, all you have left are pretentious pricks that run or own clubs that are out for their money and often their own DJ plan to be famous. They don’t care about your well being! like I mentioned before they will throw you out in an alley way for medics or police or worse, to abuse you some more and treat you like you’re worthless. Before everybody continues to bash and bad mouth people that question the system and fight for real rights, you all should take a good look in the mirror, I will bet most of you don’t care either but choose to rally up around bad people or choices of Propaganda for the purpose of destroying people’s careers with your hateful comments. Maybe „I DON“T Care“ anymore because no one cares, surely not the nightclubs etc. that just want your money. No one in this business does it for the „LOVe“or for a good cause. When was the last time any of these places gave something back to besides a bad experience and a broke wallet with a side of hang over or maybe a black eye from ten bouncers that beat you up on the way out. What about clubs that think they are So Relevant that they often treat you like garbage before you even go into their venue? Many will judge you by the way you look or if they don’t think you’re important enough they don’t even let you in even after taking your ticket money?
I can go on and on about the weekly abuse most club people go through to have a good time Don’t kid yourself we all have been mistreated in one way or another, so when you need to stand up and say I had enough and speak out you will feel the same wrath of the many hateful people that claim it’s all love while their off their faces not even listening to the music, not caring about no one but that Fix of drugs you can score at nightclubs. Don’t be a hypocrite and check your own EGOS, check yourselves before judging others.
I did not make my statement about Fabric to just hurt people’s feelings, maybe you all need a wake up call. I was never a loyal dude of this venue of its ways of doing business, I am not sorry for what I wrote in social media! if you all have any complaints take it to your local politician, police, local preacher at your church etc. I’m very sure and confidence that I will survive the constant slander directed at me , I’m a big man I can handle it! and if any of you really need to say something try coming up to me to discuss face to face cause things written online are just random impulses often caused by ignorance of lack of sleep. Relax everybody! London will always have a thriving night life something new will always come up, I have been Barry grateful to many festivals and warehouse parties outside of the normal nightclubs, I hope a better more respectful nightlife will emerge from the Rubbish left behind. Fight for your rights to have a good time and if you can’t do it in a place where they trap you brain wash you , exploit you then stay home and watch it on YouTube or sources where you can get your music fix. I respectfully apologize to the many fans who have to read and see how negative people can become when they feel like they have to right to express themselves, but Not I. I’m often targeted not allowed to share my views in current affairs cause I’m considered controversial~ I am more Sad to see a place like „Space Ibiza“ be gone this Summer. I’ll see you all at Carl Cox’s Revolution Closing Party! Come for the passion not the bashing. Big Love to the Nightlife!

Das ist das Ende der Story: Fabric ist zu!