Funktion-One präsentiert neuen DJ-Mixer FF6.2

Funktion-One, bekannt vor allem für hochwertige Club-Beschallung, bietet in Zusammenarbeit mit Formula Sound dem  das neue High-End DJ-Mischpult FF6.2 an, das aktuell auf der Frankfurter Musikmesse präsentiert wird. Das FF6.2 verfügt über sechs Kanäle, die ersten beiden sind vor allem für Mikrofon und Instrumente vorgesehen. Jeder Kanal verfügt über einen Kompressor, die XLR-Anschlüsse sind vergoldet. Das FF6.2 wird noch im Laufe des Jahres zu einem Preis von 4.489 EUR erscheinen.

Funktionen & Daten in der Übersicht:
– Simple informative graphics, anodised black front panel, large knurled aluminium knobs, spring loaded LED buttons, intuitively mapped and spacious layout make for a beautiful aesthetic and natural workflow.
– Precise four-band full-kill EQ not only allows for complete frequency band cuts and isolation, but also for subtle spectral balance mixing more common in studios. The EQ frequency response characteristics have been carefully optimised to give excellent and intuitive control of bass, low-mid, high-mid and highs.
– Separate high pass and low pass filters on each channel encourage more creative mixing possibilities. These specifically developed adjustable filters cut frequencies with accuracy and transparency and can be easily bypassed when not in use.
– Channels 1 and 2 are switchable between microphone or stereo line inputs. These channels also both have a selectable compressor built in for further control.
– Channels 3 to 6 are switchable between stereo phono or line inputs. These channels have separate cross-fader routing selection. The contour of the cross-fader is adjustable to preference.
– A dedicated console microphone input is also provided. With three-band EQ, level, on-off and cue selection, it is routed directly to the master output.
– Two separately selectable auxiliary sends, on each of the six channels, can be used to route audio to external effects. Individual level controls for both auxiliary sends are located in the output section of the mixer. The effects return via any other channel, allowing for full control in terms of level, EQ, filters and compression.
– An additional insert is provided at the master output stage.
– Extensive metering is provided to encourage correct gain structure in order to maintain the highest audio quality. All Input channels have 12 LED metering with an additional clip warning LED. Master and booth outputs have 2 x 12 LEDs for stereo metering.
– Booth output has optional mono selection and pan adjustment to accommodate any booth set-up or preference.
– The high power cue headphone output is through both 3.5mm mini-jack & 1/4in jack sockets. The precise cue/master mix, split cue and pre EQ/filter selection provides complete listening control.
– All controls have been selected for the quality of feel and reliability. Faders are well weighted and precise.
– These features have been carefully chosen & developed to be creative tools to help the artist elevate their performance, and showcase their music in the best possible way.

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