Kurz nach Behringers Stichelei gegen den Musikjournalisten Peter Kirn, wurde der umstrittene Post des Tontechnikherstellers eigenständig aus dem Netz genommen. Dass das Video und die Fotos zum KIRN CorkSniffer bereits die Runde machten, konnte dadurch also nicht verhindert werden. Auch zwei Tage nach dem Ereignis kursieren noch diverse Reaktionen auf den Vorfall, ein paar davon haben wir euch hier zusammengestellt.

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@behringer This is not ok. This caricature of writer, Peter Kirn is absolutely in line with the history anti-Semitic caricature. The meaning of this kind of drawing is well documented and easy to learn about if you’re unfamiliar. Even if it’s unintentional, it’s still wrong. To make such an image of a well respected technology journalist, TAKE HIS ACTUAL NAME, (correct me if I am wrong) TRADEMARK HIS ACTUAL NAME and put it on a product like this for sale? Just because you didn’t like what he, a journalist, wrote about you in the course of doing his job? Out of line. He’s a person who runs a website. He’s just doing his work. Not that this matters. This retaliatory behaviour towards writers or anyone else is unacceptable, shameful, petty and most of all, bigoted regardless of how you try to frame it or even if you didn’t mean to send that message. There’s no place for anti-Semitic tropes like this anywhere. You can’t slap this on a piece of gear and say aren’t aware of the long and sad history of this kind of imagery. We know better and you can do better. And yes I’ve turned the comments off because we’re not debating the obvious in 2020 and if you disagree with me, that fine. Jog on. This is my Instagram where I put take pictures of my food and my dog and rave parties and what I think about random shit. It’s not a forum. It’s not even that serious. Who cares what I think anyways. ;)

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Auch Uli Behringer selbst entschuldigte sich persönlich bei Peter Kirn, aber auch das Posting ist mittlerweile nicht mehr online:



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